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Robert Habermann took to the stage with a fabulous pianist and Musical Director, Trevor Brown, by singing one of his own numbers about the horrors of ‘mobile phones’ in theatre; very comical and definitely made the audience reach for their bags and make sure they were silent!

I couldn’t possibly name all the tracks Robert covered but during the two acts he vocalised both the songs and the life of Singer Frank Sinatra, telling stories about his time as band singer to ballad and swinging singer, and building his own record label ‘Reprise.’

It was a pleasure to hear from Robert detailing some of the highs and lows of Frank’s life, together with his wonderful musical renditions, not only of the songs that Frank made famous, but a lot of songs from his early years that aren’t quite so well known. It was obvious that Robert had done his research and is a big fan of Sinatra, there’d be no other way of retaining so much interesting and entertaining information (without any written notes), especially the snippets about his Christmas with Ava Gardner!

The audience really warmed to Robert’s easy going style (representative of the Mr Sinatra style we all recognise I guess!), and they took advantage of the opportunity to join in as much as possible… even I joined in with some of the more well known songs! It was a true delight to hear stories that gave a great insight into the legend, and with Robert’s sincere and genuine personality and beautiful vocal renditions of so many wonderful songs, the audience couldn’t fail to enjoy the evening.

Did Robert sound like Frank Sinatra? Well I shut my eyes a few times, and could easily have been transported to a little club somewhere in the heart of America in the mid 1950’s… He has the smooth vocals, the easy style, and likeable personality that I can only imagine were typical of the Frank we are all familiar with. Some of the songs Robert covered included Come Fly With Me, Fly Me To The Moon, Witchcraft, You Make Me Feel So Young, Strangers In The Night , My Way, New York New York and many more

Irving Berlin ‪#‎irvingberlin‬ was born Israel Isidore Baline; in 1888 in Tyuman, Russia, about 2500 km east of Moscow.

He died 101 years later in New York.

Last night, Robert Habermann gave us a programme of song and story that beautifully illuminated Berlin’s amazing career. He, and excellent pianist Trevor Brown, delivered 41 songs and almost as many stories. The other star of the evening was an audience who loved the music, and with encouragement, sang along. And no, they were not all oldies like me. Much of Berlin’s music lives deep in our memories. To listen to the beautifully sung and played songs in the context of the composer’s life was quite lovely.

But what made it work so well was a very carefully constructed programme, mostly strictly chronological. As Berlin often reused songs, absolute strictness would not have been possible, and Robert made that very clear. Berlin was also an excellent businessman, although he had the famous deficiency of only being able to play in F#. He had a piano made with a moving keyboard so it could play the black notes in all 12 keys.

It would be silly to try to pick out highlights of such a high quality show, but there was one song not written by Berlin. The encore was something of a premiere. Having been angered by the use of technology in concerts by an audience, Robert wrote “Mobile Phone”, which Trevor’s piano doing ringtones substituted for the last line of the chorus. Very funny and deeply felt.

So the fine duo of Robert and Trevor left us laughing, and happy with remembrances and excellent performances.

Dave’s Notes – 13 August 2016 – Robert Habermann sings Berlin

Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for bringing your show to the Kettering Arts Centre, I don’t usually write to thank artists but I felt I had to say a huge “Thank you” to you and Bunny Thompson ( your musical director), My Mother thoroughly enjoyed it and said how lovely you sang and how informative the show was. It is so nice to have live music and you had the audience in the palm of your hands as soon as you came on stage.

What a pro….

Look forward to seeing you again,
Best wishes,
Nick (tech-nick)
Kettering Arts Centre

Saturday 23rd January 2016 – I GOT GERSHWIN – Kettering Arts Centre

Robert Habermann Sings George Gershwin- “S’Wonderful!”( I Got Gershwin!)”

Last night Robert Habermann gave us a superbly structured show, rather than a gig. It was an evening’s story: his love and deep knowledge of the work and history of the Gershwins and his ability to communicate it in both song and speech made the evening work well.

A word about the arrangements. They were excellent, written for Robert, and not easy at all. The pianist was Bunny Thompson, who was a dep. He is an excellent accompanist. He had one solo number, a somewhat reduced piano reduction of “Rhapsody in Blue” which is amazing to attempt as a dep, and was as moving as that piece always is.

Robert took us through the growth and troubles of George and then Ira. We started with a very early joke song, “When You Want ‘Em, You Can’t Get ‘Em”, written when he was 18, through to Ira’s “Our Love is Here to Stay” after Georges death.

We got some songs written for Astaire (“Shall we dance”, “They Can’t Take That Away from Me”, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”). We got music from the Pulitzer prize winning Porgy and Bess. We got his biggest moneymaker, “Swanee”. Each song was prefaced by a little history and anecdote. Robert engages with the audience very well, and even got us to sing

I GOT GERSHWIN – The Fleece Stoke-By-Hayland 7th August 2015 – Dave Gasson’s Notes

Just a quick email to say thank you to you and Trevor for a great show last Sunday at The Cause. Chippenham.

I have had lots of feedback from those who came to say how much they enjoyed it. I was also told by my hairdresser yesterday that she had been told how good it was by one of her clients! So word goes round quickly in a small town!

I also was told by some of those who bought your CD’s how relaxing they found your music to be.
So thank you both once again.

 Regards Norma & Fred

From: The Cause, Chippenham – 4th May 2014 – Robert Habermann Sings “Mad About Movies”

Hi Michelle,

Re: Robert Habermann: ‘Mad About Movies’ at Queen’s Hotel, Bournemouth July 2012

I think you have another winner with this holiday. The general feed back from the Clients was very positive and everyone enjoyed the programme Robert presented with end of performance encores nightly.

The backing music provided was exceptional and very professional with Trevor Brown the pianist. Many guests commented on this.
Robert is dedicated and enthusiastic in giving our Clients the best possible enjoyment. I believe we will have many returning for his future holidays.

Best regards,


From: Ann Counsell – Rep for Saga To Michelle McDermott, Saga Services Limited Executive

Re: Robert Habermann: Mad About Movies at Queen’s Hotel, Bournemouth July 2012

Just wanted to say what a wonderful time we had at the Saga ‘Mad about Musicals’ midweek break in Bournemouth. We took my mum and dad to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary, mum and dad are in their eighties and had a terrific time. Robert is excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

There is nothing Robert doesn’t know about musicals and films – he was amazing. It made mum and dad really happy to sing along with the songs – most of which they knew and reminded them of their youth. We are in our fifties so didn’t know many of the songs but that did not stop us having fun – some songs are so famous you can sing along anyway.

Thanks Robert for making mum and dad’s break extra special – the weather wasn’t half bad either!

The Rossiter/Phillips/Rubinstein family.